Justin Andrews

11.10.2016 - 05.11.2016





Justin Andrews - NKN Gallery


To capture the experience of the present is the aim behind my work. Every single aspect of my work is there to support this. My work feeds on my own witnessing of the world that surrounds me. There’s the world of my work and the world of the real. These are actually one and the same, with me as the medium between the two.

These drawings use the circular form. The circle is infinite, evolving, cyclical. It has no single orientation, no beginning, no end. It’s anonymous yet specific. It is an eye, a world, a point, the definition of an area. It is a host for something. The circle is a conceptual structure.

My circular forms evidence the methods and materials that are used to create them. These two aspects of this work form their meaning. These works use time as a device – they are about the time taken to make them. These works physicalize time.

Each work is an area of focus, the formation of points from which to move forwards. They are temporal arcs which assist me in working out where to look, how to look, what to focus on, and how to go about representing an abstract idea that can only be realized through production.

The most basic processes can be used to approach the most difficult tasks.

Justin Andrews

October 2016