Justin Andrews

Fallen Angels
10.10.18 - 30.10.18








The title of Justin Andrews’ new exhibition of abstract paintings, Fallen Angels, evokes the descent of heavenly beings, cast down to Earth.

It has an Old-World aspect which stands as an effective counterpoint to the very contemporary paintings on view. Titles of individual works refer to outer space and the cosmos, or to science. ‘Lissajous’, for instance, refers to the graph of a system of parametric equations.

Technically highly proficient, Andrews’ masterful paintings combine crisp, hard-edge abstraction with streaked, painterly surfaces, which half- reveal certain sections laid down earlier, adding the element of Time to the equation. An overlapping network of energetic bars of burnt orange, khaki and space-age silver traverse the surfaces, to ricochet against the edges within which they are constrained.

Kyle Jenkins essay entitled ‘Unism Side A / Side B’ 2018 can be found here