Merric Brettle

Hypnagogic Blink
23.06.19 – 17.08.19






Hypnagogic Blink

In this new body of works titled, Hypnagogic Blink, Merric explores the relationship between hand-painted and digitally-created mark-making. In order to do this, he employs various visual art computer programs, spray paint and a variety of material and conceptual digital image-making techniques. Employing these materials and methods Merric explores his mark making as he translates found and constructed digital images into material objects. This kind of practice allows him to explore the qualities of the ‘screen’ yet still insert ‘himself’ into the art object.

When looking at these works, Merric would like the viewer to consider two aspects in particular. Firstly he would like them to consider his ‘marks’ in for example the care of his construction, the layering of paint, and the small mistakes or human ‘glitches’ in the fabrication process. Secondly he would like them to contemplate the patterns he created in these abstract images and the way that they may have meaning in themselves. The reason behind these requests he explains,

“…is because it is behind these marks you will find me and behind these patterns you will find the way that I see the world.”