Stephen Eastaugh

10.11.2015 – 05.12.2015





Steven Eastaugh - NKN Gallery


This exhibition covers a bit of ground and a variety of textures. There are panoramic views from the infamous DMZ on the Korean peninsula, scenes from the Antarctic icecap, rustic sewing, imaginary islands, emblems, text, badges, cartography, seas, blizzards, jokes and tropical shells.

To navigate through this rather complicated geography I use mixed media while the title NOPERSONSLAND locates all these views into a fuzzy border zone. Borders have always fascinated me as they are places of communication, exchange, fear and excitement. At borders you can meet strangers and connections are made, hopefully without too much bloodshed.

The art studio is similar to a frontier zone as conceptual and visual battles are constantly fought with no end to the experimentation and conflict. I make these battles even more tricky as I continually move my studio around the planet. Once each skirmish is over, meaning the visual and mental baggage is processed into something called art it is then released onto the walls of a gallery. Then it is time to relocate the studio and the next battle begins.

S.E. La Consulta Oct. 2015.