Tom Vincent

21.06.17 - 15.07.17







Tom Vincent’s latest paintings continue investigations into the artist’s abiding interest in human transcendence. He has been struck by the ways in which a certain key shape has been employed by many ancient cultures across the planet as a means of opening up meditative states of consciousness. 

The artist has brought this repetitive shape into his new series of paintings. The same geometric shape can be found carved in stone lintels above Neolithic passage-grave sites, and also in shamanic cave paintings. The shape has been held as a central motif by many ancient and pre-modern cultures. It has been utilised across Europe, Asia and South America. The Mayans called it Hunab Ku. This shape has recently been revealed to represent the structure of the vacuum - the shape of space itself. But many ancient cultures would go further and say that it is the core of all things: the mind of the universe - the ‘central sun’. 

Vincent builds up the paintings with sprays and aerosol, resin and drawing materials. He has an overall idea of the geometry involved, but not how the finished piece will eventually appear. In an appropriate nod to earthly forms, as well as transcendental states, the artist also uses crushed quartz crystal across the surface of the works. This substance has a long history as a component in early radio-sets - so, a poetic as well as a physical link to both aural and mental communication has been made. 

All the paintings in this exhibition link ancient talismans of meditation - through the mediation of contemporary abstract painting. They strive for one particular goal - the accessing of a universal state of mind.