Tom Vincent

Living Geometry
08.11.16 - 03.12.16





Will Cooke - NKN Gallery


Ideally, Tom Vincent would like the viewers of his paintings to enter into an almost trance-like state of (sub)consciousness when contemplating his work, wherein they may experience his pictures on a subliminal level of ‘understanding’. His imagery derives from the archetypal geometric form which underpins all natural and biological phenomena: the building block of life. It is the blueprint of existence – the mother of all shapes and symmetries that form our world and the universe we inhabit.

We live in a fractal universe, in which the same patterns are endlessly repeated, whether seen through a microscope or through a telescope. Rivers ‘mimic’ the shapes of veins and arteries in our bodies; which in turn mimic the veins on leaves, which mimic the shapes of trees. Patterns in nature have a mathematical basis. Things as diverse as the shape of a cauliflower, or the pattern of a leopard’s coat, or the shape of a coastline, all have a similar, binding mathematical explanation behind them. This geometry, which underpins the structure of life, appears in the art and architecture of a multitude of cultures across the world, both ancient and modern. It seems that it is hard-wired into our DNA, as a species, whether we have been aware of it or not.

Tom Vincent makes paintings that tap into this deep-seated ‘awareness’ of the mathematical configurations of our existence. He invites the viewer to travel on a train of imaginative thought whereby the works wash over them and carry them to another level of mindfulness.

The element that connects every human being on the planet is our relationship to the geometry that forms us and surrounds us. Vincent’s art asks us to allow ourselves to drift into the heart of this geometry, so that for a moment we may become one with the universe.